Islam Karimov’s Speech during the Inaugural Ceremony at the Joint Session of Oliy Majlis Houses

A solemn event dedicated to the 679th anniversary of Sahibkiran was held in the metropolitan park named after Amir Temur.

President-Elect Islam Karimov Receives Congratulatory Letters

Presidential Elections: Preliminary Results Announced


In January-December 2014 the agricultural output was 36957,0 billion soums or 106,9 percent to the corresponding period of 2013, of which output of plant-growing – 21810,4 billion soums (106,9 percent) and that of animal husbandry - 15146,6 billion soums (107,0 percent).


The implementation of measures to facilitate the deepening of processes to increase competitiveness and diversification of industries ensures the continuation of dynamic growth of industry. In January-December of the current year the volume of industrial output was 75193,5 billion soums or 108,3 percent to January-December 2013.The increase of labor productivity by 6,5 percent has led to the growth of industrial production.

Privatization of enterprises and projects

According to the data of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Privatization, Demonopolization and Development of Competition 288 enterprises and projects (including program and non-program projects) (further – projects) were privatized in January-December 2014.

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