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The role and place of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on statistics in formation of "Electronic government".

"Electronic government" is a governmental project that provides a new level of efficiency and convenience of receiving the public services and information on the performance of government agencies by citizens and organizations due to the wide use of information and communication technologies.

For the full implementation of the system "Electronic Government" is necessary to establish cooperation with other government agencies at the interagency level.

In this case, the necessary conditions for interaction at the interagency level within the framework of "e-government" system are:
• information interaction of state organizations with the population;
• information interaction of state organizations with business entities;
• information interaction of state organizations with one another.

One of the important indicators of the efficiency of the formation of the system "Electronic Government" is the implementation of priority government services in electronic form in accordance with the procedure of providing interactive of government services and access to them.

Interactive government services, implemented through the “Electronic government” should be grouped in accordance with the above mentioned directions.

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on statistics is the executive organ of state authority conducting single statistical policy aimed for the implementation and operation of a complete statistical information system.

The main purpose of the use of ICT in statistical offices is the automation statistical production processes. These include: collecting, processing, accumulation, storage, compilation, analysis and publication of statistical information on socio-economic events, processes and their results, taking place in the country.

Currently, the corporate information network of Goskomstat is active, with the inclusion of district, regional statistics departments. The unified information system of the Goskomstat is formed, which represents total of information resources, information systems, software and hard-copy software and telecommunications of state statistics authorities.

Based on the assigned tasks of the Goskomstat, the statistical authorities provide 14 services, 10 of them online through the official website http://www.stat.uz. We are constantly working to optimize the delivery of public services to the population and businesses, improving their quality and availability.

    The system of E-government involves the establishment of mechanisms to ensure the efficient processing and storage of statistical data on key social and economic indicators, as well as timely and complete submission of information to government authorities at all levels, physical and juridical bodies, irrespective of their location. At the same time, for the development of the system "Electronic Government" in statistical offices works are conducted on improving the efficiency of statistical activities based on the widespread use of ICT, improving the system of information and analytical processes. Legal and methodological bases are forming that allows statistical authorities, citizens and organizations to function in conditions of information society.
The development of interactive services, simplicity of their use and availability to any visitor of the site, make the state statistics authorities more open and the procedures of interaction with population and business entities more transparent.

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